Your safety is our number 1 priority

Waltio is designed with a firm commitment to the security of your data and the privacy of our users. At the heart of our development, we have built in advanced security protocols to protect your information from any form of unauthorised access or data leakage.

Encrypted, read-only data

Read-Only Access  We request “read-only” access when you connect your APIs to our system. It is impossible for us to perform any action on your accounts.

Encrypted Data

Your API keys, addresses, and wallets are encrypted in our database using Amazon KMS. Your data is safe on your Waltio account and also during communication between our tool and your accounts.

Password and Two-Factor Authentication Your password is encrypted and hosted on Auth0 to prevent password leaks and external attacks. Additionally, we allow each user to set up two-factor authentication (2FA), adding a second verification step during your login.

Securely Hosted Data Our entire infrastructure is hosted by the global leader AWS, whose security standards are among the highest in the world.

The confidentiality of our users

No KYC (Know Your Customer) We only ask for your email address and tax residence to apply the correct calculation method. We do not ask you for any other confidential data (surname, first name, tax identification number, etc.). We do not (and will not) sell your details to third parties. We never do. Deletion of your account and data Deleting your account will result in the deletion of all your data (wallets, exchanges, trade histories). The deletion of your account and associated data is irreversible.