White Paper 2023: Taxation of cryptocurrencies in Belgium 📖


A guide to the taxation of cryptocurrencies. 🇧🇪

Discover the fundamentals of cryptocurrency taxation in Belgium in this 24-page white paper, written in collaboration between Avroy Avocats and Waltio jurists.

You will find all the information you need to fully understand the taxation of each Belgian investor profile

In this white paper you will learn about

Different investor profiles

The tax obligations are different for each investor profile, so it is important to fully understand the particularities of each.

Belgian tax obligations

To help you get the most out of your cryptocurrency declaration in Belgium, learn in detail what your tax obligations are. 

The methods of calculating capital gains

You will learn through examples and calculation formulas how to get the right capital gains calculation.

Risks in case of tax audit

Procedures, risks and possible penalties. We explain all the procedures and risks involved in case of a tax audit on your cryptocurrency holdings. 

The leading white paper on the taxation of cryptocurrencies - 2024 Edition ✅

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